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„COOP Jednota Slovensko“, consumer cooperative incorporates 32 regional COOP Jednota organizations, roofs 7 logistic centers as well as the COOP Jednota Foundation.  The mission of „COOP Jednota Slovensko“ is to ensure economic as well as social stability of its members, provide them with tools for maintaining their market share and protect their rights and interests. The highest recognized value of the whole group of COOP Jednota is the customer satisfaction and the company tries to achieve it by means of its creative as well as satisfied employees,  but also through its good relations with business partners. „COOP Jednota Slovensko“ is a prominent shareholder of the companies COOP EURO, a.s., OPTIMA a.s., Nitra, DRU, a.s., Zvolen, VIC, a.s. Mojmírovce, FROP, a.s. and other. It represents its member organizations actively, defending their interests also through several Slovak as well as international organizations.  In 2009 the COOP Jednota group commemorated the 140th anniversary of existence of consumer cooperatives in Slovakia. In 1869 Samuel Ormis established the first food cooperative in Revúca, a foregoer of the present-day consumer cooperatives of COOP Jednota in Slovakia. Today the consumer cooperatives of the COOP Jednota group represent modern business organizations providing for and enabling comfortable shopping for a broad scope of consumers.



In 2009 the COOP Jednota group achieved the retail turnover of 1 197.4 mil. EUR, with annual growth index of 96.1. Performance of the logistic centers and cooperative wholesales managed to reach 421.5 mil. EUR, which represent the index of 97.9 against the previous year.
The retail turnover of groceries sales of the COOP Jednota group reached the amount of 1 028.4 mil. EUR with the index of 96.3 against the previous year. Thanks to these achieved results, in spite of the economic crisis and harsh competition, the cooperative trading confirmed its position of a groceries leader of 2009 on the Slovak groceries market and for the COOP Jednota group managed to preserve a market share totaling 19.4 %.



In terms of the structure of retail networks activities of the COOP Jednota group they were organized also in 2009 within the same, unchanged frame. More than 2 300 operating units based on their sales area and scope of the product portfolio have been divided into the following three retail formats: Potraviny (Grocery Store), Supermarket and TERNO Supermarket. In 2009 the share of “Potraviny” in the overall  retail turnover of the group covered 50 %, “Supermarkets” 38 % and “TERNO Supermarkets” 12 %.


In the area of logistics in 2009 we have created necessary conditions for establishment of a network of 7 logistic centers, which similarly to the retail networks, have been roofed by the “COOP Jednota Slovensko”. The main objective of this network is to ensure a coordinated and more efficient performance in the area of logistic processes aiming
at improving the supply of the COOP Jednota shops.


In 2009 “COOP Jednota Slovensko” focused much of its attention to products marked by the private label of COOP Jednota. In creating the portfolio of the private label there have been considered needs of the system, current purchasing trends, needs of the customers as well as competition monitoring. The products of the private label have been divided into 3 basic categories: „COOP Jednota Dobrá cena“ (COOP Jednota good price), „COOP Jednota Tradičná kvalita“ (COOP Jednota traditional quality) and COOP Jednota Premium. In the category of “COOP Jednota Tradičná kvalita”  there have been included the so-called nest brands which represent a certain group of products, designed for a specific group of customers. In 2009 it concerned the following groups: COOP Jednota Active life, COOP Jednota Junior, COOP Jednota Mamičkine dobroty, COOP Jednota Domácnosť and COOP Jednota Minútka.
In 2009 Customers of “COOP Jednota” could choose from more than 600 products under the private label. 

Campaigns and Services for Customers

As in previous years also in 2009 there have been implemented consumer contests widely popular with our customers. In the course of the year there were implemented four contests. We started the year with the New Year contest titled “Set out to the world with the private label of COOP Jednota”, designed for supporting the sales of products under the private label. Our customers could take part in a contest also during the Easter holidays in which they could earn attractive trips to Thailand and in the second half of the year also in the contest “Kolesománia” as well as “The best home Christmas”. “COOP Jednota Slovensko” joined the project “Discover milk” aimed at increasing
awareness of the significance of milk products consumption. Also in 2009 we managed to successfully develop the “Unikasa” product. Within its frame there increased the number of organizations whose bills (invoices) and cheques can be used for payment in the shops of COOP Jednota. The supplementary service of “Cash-back” was also further developed – cash withdrawals at the cash-desk. The system of supplementary services provided in COOP Jednota shops includes also the service of mobile phones credit charging.



Besides other things the loyalty program is mainly focused on provision of discounts on the year-round purchasing of carriers of the shopping card “COOP Jednota Klasik”. Thanks to the shopping card the customers can make use also of other world-wide benefits. In 2009 it concerned for example the purchase of holiday trips organized by the travelling agency CK SATUR with a price bonus, discount on goods purchased in the Mountfield shops, possibility to be included in the consumer event “Benefit for holders of the COOP Jednota shopping cards” as well as to acquire
a discount coupons for purchase of some electrical appliance of the brand “Concept”. Customer satisfaction with the loyalty program has been also demonstrated by the number of the shopping card holders in 2009 amounting
to total of 707 944. 


The monthly “Jednota” is one of the communication means as well as marketing tools of the COOP Jednota system that aims at presenting the COOP Jednota group as a modern and stable system serving the customers.
In 2009 the “Jednota” journal continued to promote the adopted concept and managed to deliver to its readers topics following the messages of the COOP Jednota group. One of the main achievements of the Jednota journal in 2009 has been the fact that based on results of the MML survey the readership of the periodical reaches the level
of 7.5 %, which means that the “Jednota” journal is the 6th most widely read Slovak monthly.

Euro and the COOP Jednota group

The COOP Jednota group and the involved consumer cooperatives harvested their efforts exerted in previous years and managed the process of preparation of the EURO introduction extraordinarily well. In connection with launching the new currency as well as its using as of 1st Jan., 2009, the COOP Jednota group and its member cooperatives have not registered any criticism. The government plenipotentiary of the Slovak Republic for implementation of EURO stated that the COOP Jednota group was an organization which mastered the preparation for EURO introduction the best, just as well as it did in connection with the dual currency payment as well as all the other related aspects and consequences. The overall costs connected with EURO introductionin the COOP Jednota group represented more than 6 million EUR. They were used mainly for preparation of information technologies and systems, education and propagation and last but not least also for displaying of dual prices. 
Fears of price increase due to EURO introduction have not materialized. The COOP Jednota group adopted a slogan
„WE ARE CHANGING THE CURRENCY, NOT THE PRICE “, which consequently became the official slogan of almost all
of the traders in Slovakia.


As at 31st December, 2009 the “COOP Jednota Slovensko”, a consumer cooperative had in total 88 employees, out of which 56 % were women. The number of all employees in the system of COOP Jednota as at 31st Dec., 2009 was 14 193, out of which women represented about 85 %. Out of the total given number of employees of the consumer cooperatives, directly within the operation units there worked 11 470 employees.
The COOP group continually puts much attention to education of employees, whereas in 2009 the educational activities focused on targeted and systemic promotion of individuals as well as team performance of employees. Within the system of advantages and benefits the employees can besides other things also acquire advantages of a shopping card “COOP Jednota Klasik”, advantages by means of the Orange card, as well as a significant benefit in the form
of the supplementary pension saving.
The task force of employees of the human resources of the system COOP Jednota in 2009 intensively worked on the elaboration of the significant document of every developed company – the Ethical Code of the COOP Jednota group, which was approved by the Board at its meeting in October 2009. It is a key instrument for promoting and developing of the corporate culture, since it has laid down single ethical rules and standards of behavior within specific relations.


Through its activities and projects the Jednota COOP Foundation also in 2009 exerted its efforts to support materially as well as financially the area of sports, health care, schools as well as education, culture and arts. Within the already existing projects such as „Jednota pre školákov“ (Jednota for pupils) and „Nech sa nám netúlajú“(Don´t let them get astray) the Foundation has provided its material support  to schools as well as development activities for youth. 

Objectives for 2010

The main objective of “COOP Jednota Slovensko” as well as the COOP Jednota group for 2010 is to focus marketing activities on achieving and maintaining the retail turnover of the group on the relevant market with food products minimally at the level of 2009 and concurrently to minimize impacts of the economic crisis in the interest of keeping
the economic stability of the whole group. Other objectives for 2010 will include starting of implementation of approved projects within the process analysis, improving the data transfer within the whole group, continuing in the process of development, and roofing of the logistics, developing the offer of supplementary services in the COOP Jednota shops, improving the quality of the loyalty system, continuing in developing the education level of employees as well as implementing the adopted Ethical Code of the COOP Jednota group.



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